Image Galleries…

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Brian mentioned he is working on „Not Another Gallery Generator„, because the app he was using was not supported anymore. The bad thing is: Although he released it under the GPL, he was about two days too late for me… I needed it sooner.

So, I took what I had already written for, threw in some niffty tricks I found in an ImageMagick-Tutorial, along with a CSS from…well could have ALA or something.

The result can be found here:
Be sure to resize the browser-window when viewing the gallery 🙂

The script copies everything needed into one directory called „upload“. This can be uploaded to the webserver via FTP or even better SCP: „scp -r upload“

This is the script: …/just-gallery/

It needs two pieces of HTML (before.html and after.html) which defines the page in which the gallery should be placed in. Also, style.css is referred to in order to style the gallery page. The last piece is the TTF-font which also needs to be in the directory. (It will not be copied to the upload-direcory.)

If anybody finds this usefull, I can put together a tarball for easy download. Just ask for it 🙂