Linux-AV is FUD

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On the LBo-Mailing-List there has been a question regarding an article about AV-Software for Linux. The article is at… . There is only one sentence which explains the belief of the author:

„Even though there are very few viruses in the wild that affect Linux there is still the looming possibility for more and more viruses to be created.“

Error 1: There is NO Linux-virus in the wild. One „Proof of concept“ once made it into the news. IIRC, you needed to download it by hand, change the permissions to make it executable by hand and then run it from a shell. Search google for „signature-virus“ to see how contagious that can be!

Error 2: Just because there _might_ be some threat in the future, we need to install something now that serves NO real purpose. It’s like bombing the Vatican, just because it might maybe one day build a nuclear bomb and threaten the free world. Senseless!

Error 3: AV-Software protects us from all evil.
Those AV-manufactorers who did know about the sony-rootkit must answer the question: „Why did you not protect your customers against the rootkit?“
Those AV-manufacturers which did NOT know, must accept the question „Why did you not find out about this new threat?“

Along with…
I’d say: AV-software running on Linux is only to protect windows-clients in the network.