Frozen Christmas on the Bayou

Remember the „frozen christmas“ we had on the bayou in 1989?

You had all promissed me Santa in shorts, and what did I get? Turkey on paper plates and with plastic-cutlery. Because we collected the little water which dripped through the frozen pipes for the important things, like flushing the toilet. To precious for washing the dishes.

The whole school was going crazy, because most of the kids could not remember seeing real snow.

And MTV was getting all hyped up about the „Dawn of the Decade“ – even though the new decade was not about to start for another year.

But hey, those were the days.

And best of all: We alread knew it then, that we would look back to these days in the years to come. And even though the 90s had not really started yet, we called the present „back then in the late 80s and early 90s“

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